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Welcome to the Cave, home of fantasy author Anthony Mitchell and his stories from the world of Domanska, including Wolfeater, available now.

As well as all the latest from the world of Domanska, including exclusive excerpts and short stories, you’ll find articles on the writing craft, the journey from idea to publication, book reviews, and general musings on life.

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Ravaged by a deadly disease, the legendary Wolfeater finds himself asking one question: why? His blind, eight-year-old ward, Nyana, has a question of her own: what next?

Together they will cross a frozen wilderness, hunted by friends and enemies alike, to touch the sacred Blackstone and ask the gods themselves.

Set against them are a pack of savage cannibals, a blood-thirsty monster, and the servant of a raging god.  But if they can do the impossible and touch the Blackstone, it could change the destiny of their people… and with it, the fate of the world.

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The boy-king Halasan, believed to be the Ember Child spoken of in prophecy, has spent his life preparing for the chance to return home and reclaim his father’s throne.

Set against him is Coren, the Lucian Emperor, who once forged the greatest empire the world has ever seen, but now spends his days trying to hold the fragile union together.

They are the Godsbane, and their actions will shape the course of history as gods can only dream!

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