The first time I saw Jack, he was chasing a beautiful blonde through the park.

She was moving effortlessly, her long, elegant strides made all the more impressive by the bounce of her golden locks.  Jack, on the other hand, was moving less gracefully.  He was breathing hard, tongue lolling out, as his short stumpy legs struggled to catch up.

There was a man in the distance calling out.  ‘Jack! Jack!! JACK!!’

But Jack wasn’t interested in anything his old friend had to say.  All he cared about was the golden haired beauty and the promise she held.

Obviously I was ready to make my move and intercept the burly brute, but thankfully (for Jack) the blonde finally sensed him.  To my surprise, rather than run on at a faster, more panicked state, as most would when finding a wide eyed frothing mess chasing them, the blonde actually pulled up and stood her ground.

‘Jack!’ the man in the distance shouted.  ‘Jack, come away!’

But Jack still wasn’t listening.  His eyes had met with the beautiful stranger’s… and she had stopped running.  She was standing before him now, tall and proud, her dark eyes looking unwaveringly down her nose at him.  Awestruck and lost for words, Jack did the only thing he knew how.

He jumped around playfully for a moment, circling her, then darted in for a quick smell of her bum.  No doubt used to such boorish behaviour, the blonde reluctantly returned the courtesy with only the briefest of sniffs.  Unimpressed, she turned on her heels and ran on.

Jack cut a forlorn figure as he watched the blonde jog on, heartbroken to have been rejected once more.

‘Jack!’ his friend called.  ‘Here, Jack!’

That brightened him up.  No matter what, at least he had his friend to keep him company.  Their reunion took place in the middle of a field.  I caught the eye of Jack’s friend as I walked past and offered a knowing nod.  He smiled ruefully as he fished a biscuit out of his pocket and passed it to Jack for being a good boy.

I walked on then, my mind already focusing on the football match ahead.  Barely ten seconds had passed when…

‘No, Jack!  JAAAAACK!!’

I turned to the right just in time to see Jack darting across the field as fast as his little legs would carry him.  He had seen another stranger far off in the distance; this one a little rougher and more robust than the blonde, though Jack didn’t seem to mind.  He was so excited that he forgot the foreplay and went straight for the butt sniff.

Flattered by the interest, the newcomer offered no resistance as she (or he) flopped onto her back in submission.  There they tussled in the grass like young lovers, licking each other’s tongues and risking the odd, playful bite.  Jack’s friend gave up trying to stop him.  He offered the newcomer’s friends a sympathetic shrug, and together, helpless, the three of them stood back and watched.

To be honest, I found the whole thing quite inspiring.  Jack only took no for an answer once he got his backside smelt; he ignored his friend’s advice until it came with a biscuit; and in the end he got exactly what he wanted – someone to roll around in the mud with.

I’m pretty sure the world would be a better place if we were all a little bit more like Jack.



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