Getting Older

My sister turned the ripe old age of 30 today.

That’s my baby sister, by the way. She turned 30!

Like a lot of people who have reached this particular milestone, she probably thinks she’s dead old now. And, in some ways, she’s right. After all, a lot has happened in those 30 years, some of it good, some bad… most of it incredible.

She’s seen One Direction go in multiple directions. She saw Roy Hodgson – Roy Hodgson – named England manager. She saw the election of the USA’s first black President. She saw the planes strike the Twin Towers. She celebrated – and survived – the turning of a millennium.

She said hello to the Euro, goodbye to Diana. She saw a tunnel join Britain to France and Europe. She saw the end of apartheid and the election of Nelson Mandela.

She saw the fall of the Berlin wall and the death of the Soviet Union. She saw the birth of the World Wide Web, Challenger explode, Chernobyl meltdown, the launch of the space station Mir, and the first close up pictures of Uranus (it’s ok if you laughed ;))

She’s seen history being made… which I guess is a sign of getting old. But then she didn’t see Live Aid, like I did. She wasn’t around when Sony changed the world and released the first CD player. In fact, neither of us even existed when our other sister had to sit through the wedding of Charles and Diana, or deal with the death of John Lennon.

Our parents saw all of that as well, and plenty more besides. They saw Smallpox eradicated, Elvis die (or go into hiding), the sale of the first PCs, the birth of Apple. They lived through the Vietnam war. They even saw man walk on the moon for the first time. Before that, our Grandad made it through the Second World War and saw a million other things that shook the world.

When you look at it that way, 30 years is really just a drop in the ocean. You’re not old at all, our kid, you’re just starting out. Whether you decide to stick to the plan and head to Australia or do something else entirely, the world truly is your oyster. So embrace it! Live for the moment and chase your dreams. You’re thirty years young and anything is possible.


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