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Welcome to my new blog, Stories From The Cave.

I’ve had a blog for a while, over at FetchYourSlippers, which was created as a platform to share my musings on life, generally because my musings had gotten a little too out of hand to continue posting them as Facebook statuses.

But while my posts on FetchYourSlippers drifted to few and far between, I’ve never stopped writing.  Most of my spare time, in truth, is spent on the fictional stuff (because my blog posts are 100% true 😉).  I write Fantasy for the most part, inspired by the likes of David Gemmell, George RR Martin, and Joe Abercrombie, and the dream is to one day see my stories alongside theirs in the book stores.

I finished my first novel, THE EMBER CHILD, a couple of years ago, and having failed to find a home for it with traditional publishing, I’ve decided to have a go at self-publishing.  As such, the book is now available for the kindle on Amazon, here.  If you’re interested, you can also find a post with more information about it here.

Since completing the first book, I’ve had an urge to create a space on the web where I could talk about my fictional writing.  Now, with the first book finally out there, it seems as good a time as any.

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New Site, New Logo

That brings us here, to Stories From the Cave.  FetchYourSlippers will be left to the wilds for a bit before retiring it, but I have imported all my previous posts to the new site and will continue to post my tongue-in-cheek assessments of life in the Life’s Lessons section.  In the Writing section I will post anything I take from the writing process, or at least how it works for me, that I think might be useful to others trying to hone their craft.

Mostly though, this new site is all about the Tales From Domanska section.  Domanska is the world in which THE EMBER CHILD is set, a sprawling continent where empires rise and fall as mortals struggle against the whims of gods.  A place where the varying cultures each have different religions and share different gifts, where some people would make themselves gods if they could only find a way.  It is a world rich in stories, many of which have been bouncing around my head for years.  I will use this site to share them with you, posting excerpts from completed novels or works in progress, short stories that help flesh out the world or give background for characters seen in the novels, and anything else worth sharing.

If you give THE EMBER CHILD a chance and find that you like it, hopefully the content on this site will add some extra value and some further entertainment.

Thanks for reading.

I hope you enjoy what follows next!

14th June 2017

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