May 2018

Things were very busy this past month, so I’m surprised I managed to get any writing done at all… let alone the number I’ve come up with in the word count!
May 2018 - Word Count


While I’ve written a decent amount, I think the final count has been bloated somewhat by a couple of things.  Firstly, after completing Part 1 of the new book, I decided to revisit some of the earlier chapters I’d written, mainly those I’d completed whilst going through a handwriting phase.  I decided to type this text into Scrivener, doing as little editing as possible, so I could ensure Part 1 was as completed as possible before moving on.  I also found that there was a few gaps that needed filling in, where some scenes were only partly finished or missing entirely.

I’ve still got one chapter to revise, but once that’s complete I’ll be satisfied that the first draft of Part 1 is complete and will throw myself completely into Part 2.

Meanwhile, there have been plenty of distractions to keep me from hitting the target this month.  Firstly, there was Liverpool playing at the football.  They made it all the way to the Champion’s League Final, before letting it slip through their goalkeeper’s fingers against the mighty Real Madrid .  It took a bit of time to recover from that.  I also applied for two new jobs at work, involving application forms and interview prep.  Fortunately, I managed to nail one of these 😊.

I then read an article on creating Scene Lists to help plan a story, which is something I pretty much do anyway, but left me wanting to create an Excel version with extra detail.  Not satisfied with that, I set it up with a percentage tracker to estimate how far along I am to completing the story.  I’ll try to cover this in a bit more detail in a separate blog, but let’s just say this cost me a few days and still isn’t complete.

On top of all that, I’m also busy getting to grips with the fatherhood game, which I’ve tried to unravel in a separate post over here.

As ever, before I sign off here’s a passage from this month’s work:

‘Each Basillian tribe is different, but they all hunger for the same thing: fresh meat for their never ending wars. That’s why they steal children. The young are easier to break, easier to shape and mould.

And that’s why they took Radok. It didn’t matter to the Grey Crow that he was different, that his skin was darker than any they had seen before. They cared only that he was brave and strong, and that his mind was keen for the honing.’

13th June 2018

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