A Very Good Year

As the dust settles on yet another year of my life, it has begun to dawn on me just how momentous the past twelve months or so have been. Having finished university way back in 2006, I quickly got myself a job and moved into a pretty sweet flat with three of the best people... Continue Reading →

Losing It

Just like Michael Corleone, Tony Montana, and Carlito Brigante before her, I fear Jen is finding it more and more difficult to resist the allure of the criminal underworld. It started innocently enough.  After an unfortunate disaster with a casserole dish, Jen made it her mission in life to get a replacement, first by appealing... Continue Reading →

The New Enemy

I thought it was over. We had made our peace with the Arachnids.  They had learned the hard way that their numbers counted for nothing against the technological superiority of our House.  When they could not overcome the glass prisons and the powerful suction device we set against them, they had no choice but to... Continue Reading →

No Pain, No Gain

It was on Tuesday night, out upon the flood-lit pitches of the Mystery, with winter closing in, that I learned the truth of the old adage, “No pain, no gain”. The match unfolded in thrilling fashion, running end-to-end, full of action and high drama.  We started badly, falling behind 4-nil, before clawing our way back... Continue Reading →


The first time I saw Jack, he was chasing a beautiful blonde through the park. She was moving effortlessly, her long, elegant strides made all the more impressive by the bounce of her golden locks.  Jack, on the other hand, was moving less gracefully.  He was breathing hard, tongue lolling out, as his short stumpy... Continue Reading →

The Milk, The Precious Milk

I have learned many things this week. Firstly I learned that Le Creuset is the bees knees when it comes to cooking utensils.  Jen was genuinely over the moon when she brought home a Le Creuset duck-egg blue casserole dish.  It seemed to be the final piece of the jigsaw, as though the household was... Continue Reading →

Ivan the Great

Of all the spiders to have come crawling into my life since moving house, none have affected me so profoundly as this one. He is known to his people (I’m almost certain) as Ivan the Great.  Not much is known of where he came from, only that he fought his way up from the filth... Continue Reading →

The Climb and the Fall

Every relationship is a mountain, they say. I don’t know who says it, but they’re right. We are merely the mountaineers, you and I; the brave souls striving to reach the top first... so that we can look down upon our counterparts and smile. When it comes to me and the girlfriend, I was there... Continue Reading →

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