Looking for a tool to help plot that next book? Take a look at Scapple! #amwriting #blogging #writingtools #scapple #fantasy #plotting

June 2020

An update from the lair of fantasy author Anthony Mitchell - Lockdown has been tough on the old writing game, but things are about to kick off big time!

August 2019

Progress From the Cave: August 2019 - With one new book complete, it's time to get back to blogging. #amwriting #amblogging #fantasy

December 2018

Progress From the Cave: A Review of 2018 and What Comes Next - In which I look back at the year that was was, and set some goals I'll hate myself for in a few short weeks. #amwriting #amblogging #fantasy #goals #newyear

Tools of the Trade: Pen & Paper

Tools of the Trade: Pen & Paper - In these articles, I'm going to share with you my opinions of the tools and techniques I've come across throughout my writing experience. First up, Pen & Paper! #amwriting #blogging #writing #tools

September 2018

Progress From the Cave: New House, New Cave - In which I've decided it’s time to put some meat on the bone, to spice things up, to throw a fly in the ointment, a monkey in the wrench. You get the gist. #amwriting #amblogging #fantasy

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