Progress From The Cave – April 2018

April's progress report, in which I make excuses for not hitting my writing goals - but still move forwards. TLDR: Still not writing as much as I want, but got a great new map! #amwriting #writing #goals #fantasy #wip #map

Excerpt – The Ember Child – Prologue

"From the blood of sacrifice shall come the child, Pelonia's Doom. He will herald the fall of kings and the breaking of the Unbreakable. Yet from the blood of Osisi shall come the man, Pelonia's Hope. He alone can restore the Throne of Lions and set aflame the fires of resistance."

New Beginnings

I've just released my first book into the big bad world, and to celebrate I've decided to create a new website to house all my writing. If you enjoy my ramblings on life or if you're a fan of fantasy - check it out!

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