The Ember Child

In a world where gods hold dominion over the lives of mortals, two men have the strength of will to forge their own destiny.

The first is Halasan; the determined, sixteen-year-old heir to a fallen kingdom. Believed to be the Ember Child spoken of in prophecy, he has spent his life in hiding, training for the day he can return home and reclaim his father’s throne.

Set against him is Coren, the Lucian Emperor, who once forged the greatest empire the world has ever seen and now spends his days trying to hold the fragile union together. He dreams of a world united in peace and prosperity, but Halasan’s existence presents a danger to that ambition. The boy’s claim will mean war unless Coren can stop his rebellion before it takes hold.

Thus begins the race for the city of Danara, where one man hopes to free a nation, the other to save an empire. Only one can succeed, but not even the gods can say who it will be.

For these men are the Godsbane, and their actions will shape the course of history as gods can only dream.

What The Reviewers Say

“Top read! Not my usual genre but it totally gripped me, creating a range of emotions from really shocked and upset to elation. Well worth a read ☆☆☆☆☆”

Ms. J. Hemingway – Amazon Review – 5 Stars

“This is an extremely well written and plotted story, with plenty of action and adventure, written by someone who obviously loves the genre and cares about both story and craft. I enjoyed the hell out of it, grinning at the relationships between the characters and the sheer damn fun of it all.”

Dyrk Ashton (Author of the Paternus Trilogy) – Goodreads Review – 5 Stars

“This book deserves attention!”

Anna – Goodreads Review – 5 Stars

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